If there is a way to contribute to her school, Claudia Montgomery will find it and do what it takes to bring fun into her environment. The Crosby Park Elementary fifth grade math teacher is “an indispensable asset” to her school, according to her principal, JR Hoyt.

“[Montgomery] is an absolutely phenomenal teacher,” Hoyt said. “She works diligently for all students and staff in the building and is always seeking ways to continue to grow as a natural leader. Mrs. Montgomery eagerly volunteers to serve on committees and seeks ways to improve the lives of everyone she comes into contact with.”

This year, Montgomery leads the daily schoolwide “Early Togetherness Time,” the school’s morning assembly. She works to incorporate more character education into the daily program, preparing lessons to showcase different character traits. She puts forth challenges for the students to demonstrate what they’ve learned.

Montgomery encourages students to spend time writing and reflecting on the traits they’ve learned, and ones who exemplify the traits through the week are recognized at the assemblies. 
She has taught for 10 years and cites her own education experience as an inspiration for teaching for Lawton Public Schools.

“I enjoy working for LPS because my 3rd grade teacher showed me what it is like to be cared for by a teacher,” Montgomery said. “That’s what LPS stands for, showing that kids are loved.”